Alienware M11x review – With Nvidia Optimus technology

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This is the second Alienware M11x I am getting in my labs for review. The first one had a Core 2 Duo CPU where as this one is based on Core i7 chips with Nvidia Optimus technology. This laptop looks quite attractive. The interiors are all black and the multicolor, LED backlight keyboard is quite similar to what we have on other Alienware laptops. The screen is 11.6 inches big and it has an edge-to-edge, glossy design. The chassis is quite sturdy and a bit compressed. Other than that, the keyboard of this notebook is better than other 11 inchers. This product, just like other Alienwares has a bold colored keyboard with a grille. You can customize the Alienware logo lights in any of the rainbow colors. You will have to use the Alienware apps for this.

Screen of the Alienware M11x is 11.6 inches big and you get resolution of 1,366×768 pixels. I liked the edge to edge glossy veneer over the display but the screen attracts a lot of glare too. The screen performed better than what I expected from it in the first place. The excellent graphics are complemented by the above average 5.1 speakers which was unheard of in a 11 inch laptop till now. The game sound quality is loud and crisp and contributes a lot to the overall gaming experience. These speakers can easily rock a room at the full volume.

Alienware M11x review

Alienware M11x doesn’t have an optical drive which was probably omitted in order to keep the laptop small. But the laptop is really thick and there is enough room for it on the sides. The manufacturer could have easily put an optical drive here. I am not saying that this is a deal breaker but why not use the space when you have it? You will now have to install games through an external optical drive connected on the USB port. But there are a lot of games which can be downloaded directly from the Internet and Alienware comes pre-installed with Steam so you can get games from there too.

There are a few ports missing on the Alienware M11x and it is not unexpected in an 11 inch laptop. I was impressed by the presence of DisplayPort and HDMI. There is no VGA port which is a bit surprising because the original M11x had it. DisplayPort could have been sacrificed for a VGA port since it is not used that often. There is no slot for ExpressCard but at least you get Bluetooth. If you don’t need it you will save $20. You can also opt for a Gobi Mobile Broadband supporting Verizon, it costs $125 extra and you further need to pay $39.99 on a monthly basis.

Alienware M11x has an option of either Core i5 or i7 and both are ULV chip which save on the battery life. This series starts at $949 in which you get 1.06 Ghz Core i5 520UM ULV chip, two GB DDR3 RAM, and 160 GB hard drive. A relatively faster configuration will cost you $1,299. The Core 2 Duo version is still available at a starting price of $799.

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