Android beats Blackberry to become the most used OS in America

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Android is now officially the most used smartphone operating system in America. The growth of this platform is really stunning considering that it didn’t even exist about 27 months ago. Our sources say that about 31.2% or one third users in US were using Android OS in the month of January. This is more than 30.4% of the US smartphone users who were using BlackBerry devices made by RIM or Research in Motion, in January.

The astonishing rise of Android started in late October 2008 when G1 phone from HTC came in to the market from T-Mobile. Android as a platform, started to take off seriously when Motorola Droid arrived in November 2009. This OS had just seven percent share in the smartphone market and then it started growing at an increment of two percent per month.

By May 2010, Android was sitting on the fourth place and it outpaced Windows Mobile (from Microsoft) in June. Android also went past Apple’s iOS which is seen on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Now it has finally conquered the huge BlackBerry OS in January this year. About one year ago RIM had a share of 42 percent in the US smartphone market.

Our sources further say that about 350,000 Android gadgets are activated per day. Right now, there are 170 Android tablets and smartphones. Android’s stunning success can be attributed to their open business model. The mobile OS is licensed for free by Google and manufacturers can load this ready made application on their products instead of paying money to a team of engineers to make a separate platform. The Android OS can also be customized according to the requirements.

Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG and a lot of other cellphone makers have jumped on the Android bandwagon. These manufacturers have now shifted their focus on just the hardware and can bring the phones to the market quickly. A lot of time is saved and the whole time saving concept has been given a discrete name – ‘Android’s law’.

In the international markets, Android went past Blackberry last year but it is still behind Nokia’s Symbian OS. The Finnish cell phone giant said that they would be ditching Symbian for Microsoft’s Windows OS with a hope to get back the lost market share.

Stephen Elop, the Nokia CEO recently acknowledged that they had considered partnering with Google but in the end they went for Microsoft as there were already a lot of Android phones in the market.

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