Android Security Fix Will Enter Market In Coming Few Days, Says Google

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We all know that Android smartphones has been suffering from a security problem, and that is what has kept the Android smartphone users buzzing. But now the Android users can relax, as we’ve heard that Google started working towards fixing the minor security flaw that affected around 97% of Android smartphones.

The fix on which Google is working will be addressing a hole in the Android smartphones that allowed the hackers to access the contacts, photos and calendars on any Android phone which is connected to an open Wi-Fi network. Speaking on the fix, a spokesperson from Google said that that it will take a couple of hours to cover each and every phone.

Unlike the conventional software update, this problem subsists on servers of Google, so the Android users will not have to take any manual action.

The all new variant of the Android, comprising of tablets which runs on their Honeycomb software, were not affected by the bug, says Ulm University researchers who firstly reported the subject.

The all new Android software which comes with a feature for contemporizing photos to Google’s Picasa Web Albums serve is also susceptible. As for now, Google doesn’t have a solution for that, but according to a spokesperson the company has been investigating the entire issue.

The server fix for the problem includes switching the login systems of it to an even more secure protocol. A report from CNN in November said that using less secure method is a common thing in the Web world.

We all know that when it comes to patching its network, Google’s rapidity is laudable, but the company shakes immensely when it comes to dealing with problems that can be only be fixed in every handset’s software, said the CEO of device security firm Mocana, Adrian Turner.

Turner says, “We don’t thing enough capital has been put to proactively address some of these threats”.

Recently Google acknowledged that their procedure for issuing Android software updates will require some work, and hence formed an association of hardware manufacturers and cellular carriers to take care of the problem.

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