Apple No.1, Samsung No. 4 ‘PC makers’

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Apple has won the top position amongst all PC makers according to the research Canalys. It has captured 20% of the complete market share.

In its fourth quarter Apple had delivered almost 27 million units. On the other hand, HP and Lenovo hand a neck to neck competition with almost the same sales figures, HP however emerged triumphant by a negligible margin and won the second position while Lenovo had to be content with the third spot.

Samsung too is not far behind, as it ranked in the top five. Dell however was not so lucky and lost its hold on the fourth position.

This outcome is due to the fact that Canalys considers tablets too as PCs and hence their sale too mattered in this survey.

Apple iPad Mini

Although Samsung did not make it big in the normal PC market, it has been highly successful in the tablet segment as it has an excellent performance in Android tablets. These sales gave Samsung the boost it needed and made it feature high on the success arena.

Amazon, which is another big time seller of Android tablets enjoyed a sale of around 4.6 million units.

Thanks to the exponential sale of iPad Mini Apple surely could have surpassed its sales even more. However supply issues played spoiler to this unopposed winner.

However despite basking in the glory of its success the fourth quarter witnessed a dip to 49%. This made it the first time when it was unable to capture half of the total market share.

Microsoft’s tablet efforts were clearly condemned by Canalys who gave it a measly 3% share in Q4. It had nothing extraordinary to speak of with sales of around 720,000 Windows RT Surface tablets. Canalys have not predicted a bright future for the same.

Dell too lost the battle with only 9.7 millions sales marking a decline of 19%.

Well, with newer trends it is but natural that the winners will have to work hard to keep their position afloat.

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