Canon Pixma MX330 Inkjet All-In-One Printer

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Canon’s PIXMA MX330 mainly targets home and small business markets as it is a compact all in one printer. These days there is a widespread demand for all in printers against the single function equivalents. It makes a wiser decision to buy an All in one product and save on time and place against buying them separately.

Canon’s PIXMA MX330 is a perfect device that can fax copy, scan and print on a wide variety of media.

It has redesigned the Automatic Document Feeder so that the new, low profile version is integral with the raised top surface of the machine. This is a very neat solution and the machine looks clean and modern even when it is folded up.

Cannon’s PIXMA MX330 color inkjet all-in-one multifunction printer priced at $110 has modern features suitable for low volume use. This model is very compact and perfectly designed where in every drawer, tray, and port folds flush into the body. Overall, the MX330 measures a maneuverable 7.8 inches tall by 18.1 inches wide by 16.2 inches deep.  The Cannon PIXMA is a very sleek matte black with grey exteriors and all the buttons needed to adjust the settings conveniently placed on the front panel. Print function is set as the default options and other options such as scan, copy and fax are the larger buttons on the panel along with the power button. There are two small LED’s placed on the front panel to indicate usage and a blinking alarm for low inks or paper jams.

canon-pixma-mx330-pixmaThe control panel of this printer is fairly well designed. All the buttons on the control panel have coherent word labels, but the 1.8-inch color LCD for viewing menu options is small and would be easier to use if its navigation cues were clearer.  However it is a good bet to avail an LCD at a very competitive price. The other shortcut buttons on the printer includes “menu,” “settings,” “back,” a directional pad and a corresponding “OK” button for navigating through menus, fax shortcuts for quality, coded dialing, and redials, as well as three more buttons for black and color copies and a “stop print” button for emergency cancels.

The ADF feature of this printer can handle up to 30 pages at a time, so the majority of your blank media goes through the rear input tray that holds 100 pages, and a plastic guide folds out of the rear tray to cajole larger media. Output is a simpler process where all outbound prints just pop out of the front drawer onto an angled lip that fold out of the main body.

This model uses two ink cartridges one for black and one for tricolors. There are many manufacturers who sometime prefer five or six different cartridges but to keep the cost on the lower side Cannon chooses to install only two cartridges. Those who plan to choose their printer for more snapshot photo prints or graphical documents, a printer with separate ink cartridge bays will prove more economical.

You can customize your printer by choosing your settings from the driver CD that contains all files and options that you need to customize your prints. You can choose from widely used templates like standard, business, paper saving, and photo printing that adjust the type of media, paper size, and source. You can also choose various options for making adjustments for borderless printing, vivid photos, grayscale prints, and even manual color intensities by numeral increments. There are many other features that are included in the Cannon PIXMA MX330 such as a pop-up print status monitor that shows the current job, document name, device owner, status, and a graphical representation of the ink cartridge levels. However the pop ups disappear once the job in queue has finished its printing work.

Once you install the driver you will get access to Canon’s Easy Photo Print EX software onto your computer that flaunts all the creative features this model. This soft ware will enable you to print snapshot photos, create album of artwork, print calendar with your own customized photos, and custom stickers using Cannons proprietary sticker paper.

Another important feature of this model is that its creative suite feature is very easy to use and lets you make simple photo edits like red-eye correction, face sharpening, and blemish removal, which is great for users that don’t want to deal with the hassle of third-party editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

The copy function of MX330 allows you to print up to 99 copies at once and can easily adjust the contrast and magnification of a document from 25 percent to 400 percent directly from the settings on the LCD menu.

The scanner also offers options to scan either single documents or photos or a stack of documents using ADF. There are options available fro sending the scanned documents also. You can send them directly to the PC as a JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or to a PDF file, or you can attach it to an e-mail with the option to scan and convert to text using optical character recognition.

Cannon claims for a top text speed of 7.5 pages per minute and a top graphic speed of 4.5 pages per minute. We noticed that plain text looked quite crisp whereas graphics and plain text varied more. On plain paper the images appeared grainy and a bit off color with orangeish flesh tones or purplish monochrome images. We found that even on Cannons own paper photos looked very pale and streaky even after repeated maintenance routines.

Overall the Cannon PIXMA MX330 does not produce the best quality prints, but it is difficult to find a versatile printer in such a lower price bracket. An auto-document feeder, 1.8-inch LCD screen, and easy-to-use features make it an excellent choice for creative homes on a budget.

If you are looking at a printer with better graphics and do not wish to concentrate on text then HP Photo Smart C5280 is a better choice.

Cannon also offers limited warranty on their product. They also have 24×7 support team in case of an emergency consultation which makes it a desirable choice.

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