Canon Powershot G11 Series

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The Canon Powershot G series has really been a satisfying model for the photography lovers for many years. Now the Canon Powershot G11 has become the latest in this series. It has slowly gained a lot of popularity due to its potential of having retained old ideas with new advances thus offering a powerful digital camera that really has captured the interest and attention of photo enthusiasts.

The Canon Power Shot G6 had come with a viewing screen that was handy to take photos at angles. Canon has brought this back and it swings to a lovely 170 degrees horizontally and rotates back to 270 degrees vertically. This accommodates a flux of shooting angles. Measuring 2.8 inches diagonally, it is a little smaller than the predecessor G10 butt has the same resolution of 460K. Images are detailed better and crisper. The Canon Powershot G11 also is the only shooter that has an optical viewfinder too. This is the best tool to frame pictures in an LCD Screen.

Canon Powershot G11

The G10 had a 14.7 megapixel sensor but the Canon Powershot G11 has put it to 10 megapixels. The change has resulted in good megapixel that has been a good hit. The reduction is an effort by Canon to give better low light performance and lesser noise. The G10 used to give a lot of noise. The MP rating is almost similar to the G7 and there are some other improvements that include an advanced chip. This gives the G11 more sensitivities and thus gives better results.

The Canon Powershot G11 also has RAW shooting and provides image recording without any compression of JPEG thus giving a lot of control on creativity that is normally not seen in most of the cameras. There is a broad variety of shooting modes, which is inclusive of portrait, program, and auto and provides a quick shot. There are special scene modes that are inclusive of sunset, night snapshot, indoor, pets, fireworks, sports, aquarium, snow, beach, and others. JPEG and RAW images can be recorded at the same time thus providing a lot of editing possibilities.

The wide angle lens of the G11 is similar to a 28 mm optical lens and with the 5x optical zoom this produces telephoto images upto 140mm. the stabilization of optical image is there throughout thee focal spectrum so there are no blurred images.

Canon Powershot G11

The HDMI output on th camera gives the facility of viewing still images on an HDTV. this does not mean that the Powershot G11 would shoot an HD video. This could be what be a point against the camera yet the camera does shoot video but in the VGA format. So it really does not shoot HD or a wide angle. This is a major omission in the otherwise user friendly model.

With an ISO, sensitivity from 80 to 3200 it has many portrait aids like motion detection, blink detection, and face detection alongwith a self timer that allows the photographer to get the red eye correction and in the shot.

In short, the Canon Powershot G11 is the best step in the evolution of modern cameras. It is a highly competent variety of G series of Canon cameras. With the combination of electronic advances and good thinking, the camera is a good choice for all the photography lovers as wells as those who want a good back up for their DSLR camera.

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