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Dell Inspiron One 2305 is the second big attempt by this manufacturer is all-in-one desktops and it really impressed me for a lot of reasons. First, the design is really clean and this is probably the best Windows based all-in-one system. My review model was configured for $1,149 and it had a combination of HDMI port and Blu-ray drive. The feature set is also simple with a relatively effective touch application. The performance is quite slow and hence I can’t really recommend it for anything more than basic productivity. Also, I wished that Dell didn’t include the annoying software of DataSafe pop-up. That said, I think this is a good successor to the XPS One that we saw a couple of years ago. If you are looking for an entertainment based all-in-one, get this system.

Apple iMac is still the best when it comes to such all-in-one computers but I would certainly keep the Dell Inspiron One 2305 at second spot. This system has a friendly looking, sturdy plastic shell that looks a lot like AC device than computer. It advertises it video and audio capabilities by just the appearance. I have just one complaint about the design, the two plastic stubby feet below the screen dilute the cool looks.

Dell Inspiron One 2305 includes an HDMI port and VGA and composite videos in. They form the AV input option of this system. I liked the video inputs in the all-in-ones as they allow you to extend the big display to laptops, game consoles, cable boxes, and other such devices. You don’t need to buy another display and this is a big benefit for people who are looking to install media hub in den, bedroom, kitchen, dorm or at places which have space problem. There are other all in ones with this functionality but they are priced here.

Dell Inspiron One 2305 has touch input and this is not unexpected in all-in-one systems. The implementation by Dell is a bit subtler as compared to others. There is a carousel on the bottom of the main Windows 7 screen which consists of a variety of touch based apps. You need to touch these tiles for launching audio/video players and the image sharing applications. There is also a link for Dell’s support pages here and there is another tile where in you can put any four of your favorite Web links. For leisure, there are a couple of games.

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