Desktops to be surpassed by Tablets in 2014

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It is the age of the tablets now. The latest research on desktops shows that their shipments have reduced while those of the smart connected instruments have increased rapidly as compared to 2012. 2013 saw desktops being eased out so desktops would very soon be ruled over by these handy tablets. The main driving force behind this is the tablet market, which grew by more than at least 80% and crossed the 128 million digit unit mark of shipped units.

What made news is that the firm now expects that the shipments would surely be more than the shipment of PCs in 2013. The tablets would beat the desktop in the technological race in 2014 too. It has been seen that the PC shipments have faced a decreasing trend by around 4.3% in 2013 and tablets have continuously been on the higher mode for more than a year. The year over year growth is around 48%. The smartphone market would grow around 27% thus touching the 918.5 million unit mark in 2013.

Desktops to be surpassed by Tablets in 2014

The traditional market now belongs to the PC units and this has been facing a low trend since the time the tablet entered the market. The smartphones have taken a priority now over the notebooks and the desktops. These have now become passe.

The markets today are thus emerging with the consumer wanting to spend on the mobile phones only and in fact, they love to use the tablet more than the PC. Thus the PC Market is under great pressure to perform and we can now actually also see an effective replacement cycle coming up. This will lessen the overall pressure on the PC computer units.

With the PC having dominated the market all the while, the sudden paradigm shift from the desktop to the tablet is having a ripple effect in the market.

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