Google doodles Valentine’s Day and George Ferris’s 154th birthday

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George Ferris’s birthday too falls on the same date to that of Valentine Day i.e. 14th February, and Google celebrates both of them with its Ferris Wheels doodle. Ferris was born on 14th February 1859 in Illinois, USA and today is his 154th birthday.

Celebration of the Valentine Day on the base of Google is bumped with 16 characters that are placed on the doodle portraying 10 love stories, which can be read by pressing a love sign button.

After the degree of Civil Engineering from San Beda College in 1881, Ferris started his career in rail industry until his luck fall on a chance to make a monument that compete Eiffel Tower of Paris, as ordered by the directors of World’s Columbian Exposition. The event of Columbia was meant to be held in 1889 but the preparation was started from 1883 itself, and competition was an open challenge to all the engineers of America.

Ferris came up with the idea of a wheel which would enable visitors to see the whole exhibitions in all its glory but wasn’t so easy to convince every top brass, because the design hangs quite above the ground and simultaneously keeps rotating as well.

Google doodles Valentine's Day and George Ferris's 154th birthday

However it was just a matter of time, George managed to cue up every vision in its storming brainchild which had cost the committee a bounty of $400,000 for its construction. Ferris Wheels was embodied with 36 cars, each fitted with a capacity of 60 persons at a time, concluding the whole figure to 2,160 for a single round. On an average, it had entertained around 38,000 visitors daily on its board for two revolutions i.e. of total 20 minutes.

The first revolution allowed passengers who are balancing on the 40 revolving chairs (in each car) to view every aspect in detail as it make six stops in the timeline of 11 minutes, while the next one is a non-stop 9 minutes rotation. Customers were charged only 50 cents for such a deliberating experience, until 1906 when it was dismantled to pieces after ferrying 2.5 million passengers till that date.

George Ferris breathed his last breath on 22nd November 1896 in Pittsburgh, due to the typhoid fever.

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