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The HP Envy 17 3D is a 3D notebook, which on its own is a huge asset. In addition to that the Envy 17 comes with Backlit keyboard, stunning, ultra-bright display, comes with Elements and Adobe Photoshop and imposing “Beats” audio system.


the overall 3D experience of HP Envy 17 3D is gimmicky, poor and really boring. The cooling fans for the notebook are too loud and ruin the experience of the awesome speakers of the system when the laptop heats up. The arrow keys are disappointingly small, which we don’t think should be a case for a laptop this huge.


They first took our 2D TVs and now they are eyeing our laptops.

Contradicting with the popular belief of 3D technology being a tough sell for the common man’s living room, the 3D technology is taking over almost everything that surrounds a common man. Starting from the television sets to mobile phones to laptops every gadget that you use in your day-to-day life now could be or comes with en suite 3D technology. The HP Envy 17 3D, that we are covering today is the latest gadget to join the bandwagon of 3D powered devices, and like all the other 3D enabled gadgets 3D also is the biggest selling point of HP Envy 17 3D; the simple reason for this being the fact that the 3D capability gives you the entire world of 3D on the move. So, are you excited? No? Well, that’s your choice.

Having said that, let us be very frank and tell you that you aren’t going to put money down the table for a 3D laptop for the very same reason that made you buy 3D TV. Isnt it, as a matter of fact many of you won’t even bother considering it.

Theoretically, the HP Envy 17 3D makes sense, considering the fact that it’s a 3D laptop. The reason behind this is very simple, and if you don’t understand it then let us asks you, if there’s a movie shown in the multiplex near you in 2D and in 3D, won’t you be putting extra buck and catching the 3D. We bet you will. So, when you get a choice of a laptop that can do the same, won’t you be shedding a little extra? We bet you will.

All that might sound pretty alluring and convincing, but that’s not the fact behind the HP Envy 17 3D. If HP Envy 17 3D was only an Envy 17 and in addition had 3D technology, that would have been a completely different scenario, but HP has made a lot of compromises in order to squeeze the 3D into the HP Envy 17 3D’s form factor, and the saddest part is that compromises have been made at the cost of everything else internally.

We don’t have any problems with the specifications of the HP Envy 17 3D. Having 17.3 in display with native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 6 GB of RAM, 640-GB hard drive, an ATI Radeon HD 5850 graphics card and 1.6-GHz Core i7 CPU, the HP Envy 17 3D sounds a fair deal. But still these just aren’t the ultra-high end specifications, and it shows clearly in the benchmark tests. The HP Envy 17 3D performed some what down the line of other smaller machines that we tested, and that costs way less than that this one. Not bad, but barely outstanding.

Even the 3D experience of HP Envy 17 3D isn’t much to write about, as well. The still scenes comparatively look good through the built-in active shutter glasses, but that’s not the case when the action starts and the images starts getting fuzzy and blurry. In comparison to a theater or even a respectable 3D TV, the overall experience is rather disappointing.

It’s sufficient to say that we don’t find ourselves and many of the other guys like us, operating a laptop, wearing inane glasses, so that they can watch Pirates Of Caribbean in 3D on their laptops.

One another but major drawback of the system here is its huge price tag of $1,600, which exactly is $300 more than the conventional Envy 17, and that’s what makes it even less appealing.

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