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In the modern times of Android phones, there arent many options available for the customers looking for some different smartphone option, and the Windows Phone 7 is one of the very few choices available. The HTC Pro 7 from US Cellular, which we are covering here, is the first Windows Phone of the carrier and although it’s a straight Rebranding of HTC Arrive that debuted in the market three months before, we think that it’s a decent inclusion to the carrier’s lineup and brings in a nice choice for the customers.

The HTC Pro 7 has a strong design with HTC’s typical brushed-metal elements and accents. The phone has a superb keyboard and tilting screen, which is rather fun to use and in addition to that the other highlights for the phone includes the capability of HD video playback and capture, in addition to Microsoft’s copy-paste attribute, which is something that was mission from the Windows Phones.

Though, it’s a superb phone overall, there are certain things that prevent this phone from being a great phone in general. Some of the things that we thought could have been better include a tad bigger screen and a bit sharper camera. Also you might not want to use speakerphone for extended customers. The revise to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango this autumn surely will give the operating system a nice boost.


In terms of design, the HTC 7 Pro is almost identical with HTC Arrive, with the only exemption of a different carrier logo. The 7 Pro looks nice and is also rather strong. The HTC 7 Pro has been furnished with glistening, dark-gray paint and has a lustrous feel and appearance. The phone has hardly rounded corners, just as the Apple iPhone 4, and 2 cutouts which also bring out the front-facing speakers. The rear end of the phone houses a belt of spanned stainless steel and comes with a pretty screw which tells you that this is not a phone to be frivoled with. And if you have any doubts then heave a look at the dimensions of the phone: 4.6 inches x 2.3 inches x 0.6 inches (H x W x D) and weighing monstrous 6.4 ounces, which is almost half a pound; the dimensions and weight makes it clear that its one huge phone and you surely wont have to worry in case you drop the phone. Though, you might want to pay attention to the gray paint on the façade of the as it easily comes off. After testing and playing a lot with the phone we give the 30-degree tilting screen and receptive, rubbered QWERTY keyboard a thumbs-up.

Technical Specifications:

Product:player / digital camera /FM radio
Part Number:HD7PROUSC
Operating System:Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS
Dimensions:4.6 in x 2.3 in x 0.6 in (H x W x D)
Weight:6.5 oz
Wireless Interface:IEEE 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1
Additional Features:Touch screen, GPS, USB, Proximity sensor, G-Sensor and Light sensor
Messaging / Data Features:Multimedia messages (MMS), Text messages and E-Mail
Included Accessories:AC adapter/ Travel charger, Wired stereo headset having inline microphone and USB cable


In our performance testing the HTC 7 Pro performed exceedingly well in our performance testing, and we were able to get clear volume without any sort of background noise or distortion. The same reports came from our callers, and they also said that we sounded as if we were calling from a landline. The call wasn’t all that rosy for us. Though it was absolutely acceptable but still we got a tad miasma of white noise during the calls, and excessively loud volume even caused distortion.


The HTC Arrive impressed us when it was initially launched in the market, especially because it was one of the finest designed QWERTY Windows phone, and the same is the case with the HTC 7 Pro as well. But still a lot has changed since Microsoft initially launched their then-high-end hardware necessities for Windows phones. In the modern times the league of smartphone is being lead by the modern 4G phones with dual-core processors, and that is what makes the handsets like HTC 7 Pro age old devices. But on its own, we will have to say that the HTC 7 Pro is a superb phone and a decent example of a nicely designed Windows Phone 7 and Platform. But in comparison to its rivals we will say that the HTC 7 Pro will fall a bit short and that’s where Microsoft and HTC will have to pay attention.

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