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The latest addiction that the modern people are suffering from is the addiction to Social Networking websites, and if you also have that addiction and are an addicted Facebook user then HTC has the perfect device for you. The all new HTC ChaCha is the latest smartphone offering from HTC and the handset brings a complete QWERTY keyboard and also has a touchscreen in addition to a dedicated Facebook button, which offers you instant access to the most popular social networking website in current time. Having said that, while we think that the keyboard of the handset is an utter winner and the affordable Vodafone-exclusive HTC ChaCha is a good value for money handset, the small screen of the device could be frustrating at times for the users.

Design and Display:

The HTC ChaCha flaunts a complete QWERTY keyboard in addition to a 2.6 inch capacitive touch screen. In one look the design of the HTC ChaCha is absolutely head turner an dthe form factor of the phone differentiates it from most of the Android phones in the market. But the actual highlight here is a complete QWERTY keyboard, and the curved design of the handset which fits perfectly with your face. Although some users might not like the “chin” design of the device, but at we think that it’s absolutely practical and unique, considering the fact that the keyboard of the device tilts towards you when you look straight at the screen.

HTC ChaCha

The HTC ChaCha is a nicely constructed handset considering its low positioning in the market. The HTC ChaCha makes use of unibody aluminium design of HTC, which we generally have seen in the high-end smartphone of HTC such as the HTC Sensation. We especially liked the feel of the lock/power button of the handset and there also is the volume controls positioned on the edges of the handset, and the best thing here is that the phone feels pretty nice but isn’t all that heavy or large. The battery cover of the HTC ChaCha is a tad difficult to slide off, but the good thing here is it doesn’t creak or clatter when pressed.

The keyboard of HTC ChaCha is just too good for a phone in this price range, though it still isn’t all that great like the BlackBerry keyboard, but the good thing here is that it’s comfortable and fast to type on. The keys here are nicely spaced and a tad raised and the tactility is superb. Now, while the keyboard here is superb the screen of the handset isn’t all that great and is only 2.6 inch in diameter. But its nice to see that HTC has developed the interface according to the small screen size of the device. Though there are times when the screen of HTC ChaCha feels a tad cramped.


The HTC ChaCha operates on the latest variant of Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” and has HTC’s Sense User Interface superimpose. The handset is pretty much like most of the HTC Android handsets that we’ve seen in the market. Most of the menu buttons for the handset have been placed on the right side of the screen rather than being at the bottom. The best feature of the HTC ChaCha is the latest lock screen, which has been directly borrowed from the HTC Sensation.

HTC ChaCha

The HTC ChaCha is powered by an 800MHz processor and has a reputable 512MB RAM. All that makes pretty decent specifications for a handset in this price range. All this also results in a smooth UI. Though the speed of the ChaCha won’t overwhelm you, but at the same time we didn’t experienced any sluggishness or any slowing down during everyday use. The web browsing is something we don’t think will please many of the users, and the simple reason for that being the fact that the ChaCha has a really small screen. But overall performance of the handset was pretty decent.


The HTC ChaCha has more than average battery life for an Android handset and it easily will last for a complete day, and depending upon the usage it easily could extend to a complete day. On an average, we somehow succeeded in getting battery life of a day and half with our moderate usage. The small screen of the ChaCha could very well be attributed for the extra battery life of the handset.

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