HTC EVO 4G Review – Huge screen

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While writing the HTC EVO 4G review, the first thing I noticed was that it is a huge phone. The device is a bit taller as compared to the iPhone and a wider too. The thin chassis means that this device is quite comfortable in the hand. Also, you will be glad to know that the handset is large but not heavy. It feels very solid without any access doors or flaps on the sides.

The design overall is modern and sleek. Below the screen, there are touch sensitive buttons which makes the front surface unbroken. The phone is almost black everywhere except for some silver elements on the branding logos and speaker grille. Also, on the back, there are red accents around the kickstand and lens of the camera. I would like to put some emphasis on the kickstand on this HTC EVO 4G review. This is the first phone ever to have one. You can put it on and place the phone on the table for watching videos with your hands free. It makes the experience more enjoyable and pleasant.

However, the kickstand of the HTC EVO 4G doesn’t work in the portrait mode. You can balance the handset in the portrait mode but it is unstable and will certainly trip if you touch the display. The screen is 4.3 inches big and the WVGA touchscreen is really gorgeous. This screen size is quite big as compared to other touch screen phones.

Colors on the HTC EVO 4G are vibrant and rich; everything looks really good for tasks like watching videos, photos or productivity work like checking e-mail. The big screen will be useful in surfing the Web; the scrolls will be much less. This phone doesn’t have the AMOLED displays seen on those high-end phones but I don’t really think that there is a need for it here.

Touchscreen of the HTC EVO 4G is ‘twitchy’ and I found it too responsive at times. Accidental touches triggered off the applications when I didn’t meant to do so. I noticed this while writing the HTC EVO 4G review; I had the phone for just 3-4 days in my labs for testing and maybe it is something that you’ll get to after some time. Adjusting the grip also solved the problem to some extent. There is no physical keyboard on the phone and hence you will have to use the virtual keyboard all the time. This keyboard was much easier to use as compared to the one on other touch screen phones courtesy of the bigger screen.

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