HTC Thunderbolt’s Meaning For iPhone 5

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Now that rumors have turned into reality regarding Apple’s iPhone 5, analysts and tech buffs are working their way to get any possible details on the phone, and are looking for any possible details on what the anticipated phone might be offering.

This doesn’t happen too often, but in regards to certain important aspects of the phone, the clues about the package has come from an unexpected source – Apple’s competitor HTC with their HTC Thunderbolt 4G.

The HTC Thunderbolt 4G has a huge advantage over its rivals with its speedy 4G, and in addition to that also the phone boasts some of the high-end components, in terms of cost, and even will rival few tablets in the market.

This high-end fast 4G technology used in the Thunderbolt 4G is what makes the analysts understand some confronts that Apple will be facing during their iPhone 5 development.

The 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless chips that are responsible for faster speed in the Thunderbolt will cost an additional $39.75, say analysts. This probably is one of the biggest problems that could be pondering the development of Apple’s iPhone 5.

But there are certain options.

First and probably the least expected one is that Apple could relinquish the 4G technology completely. The simple reason why analysts are claiming or suggesting that is the fact that those modern chips are comparatively new technology and have not been proven completely till now.

Apple has given certain hints at a press conference regarding the use of LTE by saying that the company will be conservative in the use of the chip, because of some technical concerns such as battery and others that just doesn’t meets the apples criterion.

On the contrary, the market already has three models of LTE phones in the market from rivals LG, Samsung and HTC. And hence to fight with its rivals Apple surely will need a 4G offering, but at the same time will have to made few sacrifices, considering the size and the price of the chip.

According to some of the senior analysts the infinitesimal Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of the iPhone will have to get a tad bigger, so as to support the first-generation of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) baseband processor in addition to all the sustaining chipset.

The second thing here is that the BOM of the next iPhone will increase considerably in compare to iPhone 4 if the company decides to implement LTE in the same way as the HTC Thunderbolt.

The development of current iPhone 4 costs $171.35, which means the inclusion of LTE (Long Term Evolution) will boost the cost to approximately $211 per device, which cuts down Apple’s margin, which further will be passed to consumers.

Now, considering the fact that Apple executives have candidly complained the deprived designs of present LTE (Long Term Evolution) chips, Apple can go for something completely different.

This is where the “SnapDragon MSM8960″ processor of Qualcomm comes into picture. This is the latest variant of the 4G chip used in HTC’s Thunderbolt, and boasts a lot of advantages over the conventional 4G effectuations.

The new SnapDragon NSN8960 Qualcomm processor combines the LTE, which is the “EVDO” set for current CDMA networks and AT&T’s GSM standard in one chip; this lets Apple sell iPhone 5 on multiple networks.

At present it sells one each for Verizon and AT&T.

Considering the fact that iPhone 5 will be shipped in a lot more numbers than HTC’s Thunderbolt, Apple gets an edge to push down the prices even more.

The new generation Apple iPhone 5 is expected to enter the market in the Q4 this year.

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