“iPhone 4S V iPhone 5″

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The iPhone 5 is currently one of the most sought-after handsets on the market, with many consumers still waiting to get their hands on the device as production fails to meet demand.

So is the phone all it’s cracked up to be? The price of the iPhone 4S has dropped as a result of the recent release, begging the question – is it worth shelling out on the new iPhone 5 over the 4S?

We compare both handsets and give you our honest opinion below:

iPhone 4S V iPhone 5


Apple have always been clear in their desire to push the boundaries of modern smartphone design with every new iPhone model. Apple have certainly made some significant advances with the iPhone, making it 18% lighter than the 4S and considerably thinner. The result is a phone that feels of lower build quality than the 4s, when in reality this is far from true.

Apple have changed the backplate design on the iPhone 5, opting for an anodized aluminium unibody design similar to the new MacBook Pro over a glass backplate. Whilst this has helped reduce the weight of the handset, users have complained that the soft metal is extremely prone to scratching. This offers consumers a good reason to choose the 4S over the iPhone 5 on design grounds.


The real noticeable difference between the two handsets is the screen size. The iPhone 5 now has  a taller 5-inch screen, making space for another row of apps on your home screen. Whilst this isn’t a huge difference, it allows for easier web browsing.

That being said, the larger screen isn’t that beneficial when using many apps as the extra screen real estate hasn’t been taken into account.

In terms of both design and screen, the iPhone 5’s updates alone aren’t enough to warrant upgrading or spending extra money.


The differences between the iPhone 4s and 5 become very apparent when you put them against each other in performance tests.

The iPhone  5 comes with Apple’s latest A6 processor, which has massively increased system performance, camera operation speed and general processing. In benchmarking tests the A6 has been shown to be twice as fast as the A5 chip found on the 4S.

Thanks to the included LTE support on the iPhone 5, page load times whilst browsing the net have been significantly improved. The iPhone 5 is currently the fastest web browing handset on the market, outpacing the likes of the quad core Samsung Galaxy S3.

All in all, the 4S is a perfect handset for more casual smartphone users, dealing with almost all day to day tasks with little problem. Tech-heads out there will no doubt see the benefits of buying the iPhone 5, with a number of design and performance enhancements. Either handset would be a more than capable phone and we more than recommend that you sell your old phone over at www.musicmagpie.com to fund the purchasing of these ground breaking smartphones.

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