Latest Mobile Device Testing Solution

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The global leader in gaze interaction and eye tracking technology has announced the Mobile Device testing solution. It has been made especially for the new portable X2 Eye Tracker. The package has hardware and software for eye tracking. Besides, you also have support services and other facilities to enhance the services of the mobile devices in the world.

The entire design process is enhanced and with the help of this eye tracking tests on mobile device applications are sure to bring a revolution in the design possibilities. This would reduce the time for development and help to create good results for all the customers.

This mobile device testing solution is thus taking this kind of testing to the next stage. This is thus entering the natural environments with a broader area to cover and more subjects to handle. The package has an eye tracker, a scene camera, a mobile device stand, and also a travel case. This is a very useful tool and can be used by all professionals.

Mobile Device Testing Solution

This is a great advancement in such kinds of testing and is creating the latest news in technology. The solution is smaller and more powerful at a long range and it is thus now very easy to get the best solutions possible to track people. The results are usually very accurate and also full of action. This is the need of the hour and is a greatly critical solution to tracking technology.

Mobile device testing

The new Mobile Device Testing is usually done with the help of capturing accurate gaze data on the small screens. All the accurate data that you need to test the smaller devices with the buttons, texts and logos are all now under the scanner and you could get the most accurate results.

With the best testing designs being provided by the latest mobile device testing technology it would not be long before the qualitative and quantitative studies give the accurate data.

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