Latest news on Etech

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The latest news on etch is that there are efforts being made to put technology on top of the priority chart. The youth are making an effort to making technology a way of life. Such an instance is found in a village in India where you can see the power of the youth. The Young leader award is a special effort to honour such youth who have made their own destiny and proved that youth can be very powerful.

There is a post graduate from the Illinois region in the United States who is trying to educate the masses about technology. The main aim of this student is to give the basic benefits of the e technology and she has been able to be a master of her subject. She is educating many who are illiterate. She is teaching the village students and thus making a mark of here won in this beautiful land of India.

Latest news on Etech

The other news is that in a bid to make his home town more secure and ensure that all the important streets in the town are observed well, there are at least 16 CCTV cameras which have been installed at important junctions in the town. There is a control room that has been dedicated specially for this and it is located in the newly constructed market here. This is happening in Tenali. The Tenali municipality granted around 16 lakhs for taking up this project for surveillance and would have CCTVs would be managed and also operated by the police.

Cctv Camera Installation CCTV spy cameras

The main decision to install these cameras was taken in an advisory committee and is headed by an individual who has taken upon himself to supervise this entire process. He received a lot of complaints about management of traffic in the town. he felt that setting up a CCTV camera would help to bring down the major crimes in the town. he also asked the municipal officials to give the funds so as to streamline the process.

Major junctions have these cameras and the police has decided to set up 16 more cameras to span over the entire town and the colonies. Tenali in fact also launched a project to manage the streetlights in the town. This is said to the first in the state and there would be a system by which a single click would light up all the streets in the town. there is also a special software which has been so designed that it would operate all the streetlights in one click. There are around 4670 streetlights which would work with the SWAT method ore the streetlights Wireless Automatic Transmission. If there is any problem with the lights then the computer would reflect this.

CCTV cameras

The surveillance cameras control room was launched and the technology would be put for better supervision. Police have also been asked to use the visuals on the CCTV cameras to be able to nab the thieves and the perpetrators of violence in the town. It would also be easy to nab the chain snatchers easily so apparently the police would soon start taking advantage of technology.

Tenali in south India is thus getting to be known as a technological town. There are efforts being made to put technology on the priority list.

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