Latest on Car Technology and Mobile Applications

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Car technology is seeing greater heights with the introduction of smart phone induced driver controls. There is a recent app on the smart phones that has reduced the danger of driver distraction.

One fifth of all the drivers have said that they use a handset while they are on the road. Using a handset while driving is illegal in UK. 84% are seen to use some kind of gadgets like MP3 players, satnavs or phones while they drive.

Drivers who try to send a message while they are on the road took longer to respond to hazards. This has been equated to being blind and it has been found that those who use smart phones are actually equal to being blind for at least 10 metres on the motorway speeds.

Also there are drivers who keep tabs on the social networking sites while they drive and such people are seen to drift across lanes and they sometimes even are seen to be driving very close to the car that is in the front.

Latest on Car Technology and Mobile Applications

Thus the overall conclusion is that using a mobile phone while driving is very distracting and all those who find a screaming baby as a distraction can now vouch that the mobile phones are a hundred times a greater distraction. All those drivers behind the wheel using a mobile phone have been involved in some accident or the other. Many drivers also have confessed to having taken a call or having replied or texted due to work pressure and time constraints.

All these findings are issues of concern because all these drivers using the mobile phones are not only putting their life into risk but also that of the families, and the passengers. So all that beeping, flashing and buzzing of mobile phones in the car has to be avoided. Not answering the call is not enough, even these mild hums, buzzes, phones on silent modes also are a distraction.

For all such problems there is a smart phone application called the Drive OFF which uses the GPS technology so that all the audible and visible notifications are disabled when the speed is over 10 mph.

So very soon we would have cars with features like internet enabled navigation and streaming media and this would soon be the rule with around 50 million that are going to be sold each year by 2017. This is going to hit the US Market soon. In Europe the Renault Carminat Live solution with the Tom tom power embedded has seen great success.

BMW has announced adopting the GENIVI software in the year 2013 for some of the models of low end. This is actually a major deviation for a company that has always believed in investing in proprietary kind of systems. We have Renault’s Android based R Link as a stark example.

So very soon we would have connected car that would rise from 5.7 million in the year 2012 to 50.9 million in 2017. So car technology is going to see a lot of infotainment trends with greatly dramatic innovations. So the next five years are going to be filled with lot of surprises, innovations and inventions in car technology.

With the advent of simple changes like mobile applications, car technology is being taken to a greater height. Learn all about the latest in cars and how mobile applications like the smart phone conveniences would cause a revolution in cars by 2017.

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