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CES 2013 unveiled a new hybrid form of desktops and laptops. This is an unbelievably slim model, which is just around 5 mm thin. It is around 6.3 inches wide and has a hard disk drive for ultra books. Seagate has unveiled its latest laptop with a solid state hybrid drive. This is an all new desktop and has solutions to blend solid state memory and a hard drive capacity that would boost the performance of a sub storage system.

This is a hard drive that is really thin for today’s tablets and it would give greater flexibility in design. It is of good value to those consumers who do not want a solid state drive. Seagate SSHDs can really offer much more speed than drives that spin at around 7200 rpm. It has the capacity to increase the operations per second and it can perform better. This is an impressive fact yet it is little lower than others in performance at times.

The result is thus a high performance and greater capacity at a good affordable price. There are power gamers and also users with new drives that show the best kind of value, capacity, and performance.

Latest on Desktops

The hard drives for the ultra books are said to be available in good volume sometime in the next year.

Intel is going to come up with Mac books with a good display and these are to hit the market very shortly. If Apple does not come through then the desktops and the notebooks with a high DPI panel are soon going to hit the market. Lilliputing has shown many Intel slides that show that such products are on their way in 2013.

There is lot of resolutions that Intel is showing. Apparently, the 380x 2160 might be the next 1080p and it is seen as if everything from the 13 inches notebooks to the 24 inches ones is there to hit the market.

Media players and phones would have 5 inch and 1280×800 pixel displays. There are tablets with 10 inch, 11 inches, and 13 inches displays as also 15 inches display. These show resolutions of 2560×1440, 1560×1800, 2800×1800, and 3840×2160. The all in one desktops have a resolution of 3840×2160 displays.

Microsoft said that Windows 8 would start scaling all the DPI tablets from next moth. The company also would be taking our high DPI notebooks or desktops and also lot of underlying scaling technology. It would support many other products and it could be very much possible.

The new iPad would ensure that the prospect of high DPI panels should be more mainstream. The higher the pixel density the better it is.

In short, there is a lot that is waiting to happen in the desktop sector.

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