Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Sound Headset Review

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Have you ever heard the phrase that, “some words makes men speechless!!” I feel those words might have been heard with the Logitech G35 7.1 surround-sound headset.

The buying is not always done by the needs and requirements; it’s the desire and emotional motions that makes the pampering for the buying of any of the article. Surround-sound headphones are the article that should be bought in order to attain that emotional crunch and to believe that the life is really met for the pleasure and storming fun making. Logitech G35 7.1 is the article that is meant for such dream passions.

So many times we see the movies and listen to the sounds on our PC, but we listen to them, never enjoy them on the peak of our desire. This G35 7.1 makes the sound system like a live rocking wire and passes on a current in our body which gives a thrilling experience. The effect of these headphones is out of imagination, awesome!!

Logitech G35 7.1 Surround-Sound Headphones

You play games on PC?

Is that so? Then you deadly require these headphones. What’s the meaning of life without fun? Absolutely nothing!! Then tell me, what’s the meaning of playing games without Logitech G35 7.1 surround-sound headphones? I’ll tell you, absolutely nothing!! The gun-shot making volume or even the sounding that tweets during the games are so melodious to listen with this device that you’ll feel that you are playing game in a larger theatre and not on your PC!!

Once you feel the heat and feel which this device produces, you’ll find a whole new world in your regularly played games.  Even if you are using the latest Xbox 360, the audio quality can be improved to large by using these headphones. These are the best option for the supporting sound system speakers that are quite expensive.

I’ll share you my experience, I have already used the surround system before but that was of 5.1 but they proved much better than the speaker system. It made a vast difference in the audio quality and also to create an enthusiasm to play within my own body. This sound boosts my passion all the time and even after longer period of playing, I never used to get bored. Also the benefit of concentration was great. Due to the headphones with a great intensity, the entire outside connection is being broken down. So, focussing on the game became quite possible for me and I enjoyed them at peak!! Now, I’m just thrilled to think what this 7.1 intensity will make me further!! I’ll tell you they are not mind-blowing, they’re mind blasting, man!!

You wanna get more?

With these Logitech surround-sound headphones, you’ll be having the habit of pulling out more from everything. They boost this ‘more’ factor everywhere. For example, with the headphones, the bass effect of the music gets more impacting. The balancing of the surround system will cut off your expense of having a subwoofer. With the headphones you’ll also get more control over the audio quality which will enable you to improvise the durability and quality of the hearing and speaking through the voice-chat system with the Xbox-360. The headphones also have the ability to make you more tweaked.

Darling Dazzling Design

There is an aesthetic design that is specially designed for these G series products. This distribution makes the weight distribution quite balancing and equal. They are the most comfortable and compatible headphones available in the market. The design is made in such a manner that the moment you put them on your head, they’ll come much closer and will tweet in your ears. The Carcharias and the latest introduced Megalodon from Razer are also of the similar quality but nothing matches the system of G35.

Splendid System

All the controls of the device are placed on the left size. They are placed at a marginal distance from the middle part and therefore they give sense of confusion to the user. But still the edge makes them more adjustable. The front is deliberately decorated by the nice quality and high performance buttons that are quite easy to press. The satin finish makes them much smoother and also much soft functioning.

Also there is a volume dial which makes more sense for the volume making. It has a wide angle and quite spacious so that it never sleeps while using. Along with the buttons, the microphones are more real and sounder sound making. They are fully adjustable and they can be extended to whatever size and whatever fold.

Melodious sound system

The headphones are the best possible sound makers and they appear in the Dolby virtual mode and sound like the best and the most melodious. There are no actual speakers, but still they make one of the sweetest as well as rocking music. There are different sound settings for different modes and also they allow a different stuff for the different moods.

If you are listening to the regular music or any of the regular TV programmes, there is a setting for the non-surrounding. The best part of the headset is the feel and environment it creates within our body and also the thrill it gives to the ears and mind. The sound system is totally mind blowing and a mesmerising experience felt every time you plug in.

Even though it has a 7.1 surrounding system, the voice never gets brake nor does it get a shaky effect. The equilibrium is quite balancing. Also the voice gets normal in the fastest mode of volume. The very good part of the sound system is that the lines never get cracked with this device. Even if we compare the isolation of this device, it’s more than beautiful. The effect setting and the control on the louder volume is much delicious.


The Logitech G35 7.1 is the device that has made everyone crazier for the solid sound and also it saves you from the unwanted sounds and let you to focus on the jobs you are doing, movie watching or songs listening. So, remember get habit of going for the best after all, we earn to enjoy and the mind freshener like these headphones are difficult to get!!

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  • Richard says:

    Does the 7.1 surround sound work in counter strike source? Can css fully support these headphones with surround sound?

  • Leff says:

    Good luck if you play any legacy games with these.
    I game with a group of people who are wonderful friends. At times they get notalgic and play older games like battlefield 1942. The music plays great but even after a reinstall the game sound is choppy and intermittent. And so far I have found no fix for this.
    Which is kind of sad… works fine with a pair of $1 headphones and motherboard sound on an Thinkpad T60 (not a performance machine at all). But the G35 is painfully headache causing unplayable. And turning off in game sound makes the game unenjoyable.
    I haven’t had issues with newer games and software as yet.

    Certainly check the logitech forums. A lot of peope seem to have issues with various software titles that others do not. One of the very not helpful suggestions by tech support was to remove all other usb devices except the G35 headphones. I just wonder how you are supposed to do anything on a modern PC without a keyboard or mouse.
    Since ps2 ports are not standard any longer.

  • Leff says:

    Update… I was able to find a fix simply by playing with every setting. If, in control panel in Windows XP SP3, you disable hardware acceleration before starting the game the sound is not berfect but doable. It’s still sound on steroids, and the voice comments like need air support etc is so fast you can’t understand it. Think Alvin and the chipmunks at double speed. But the vehicle and weapon and other sounds work and give you the cues you need to be able to play decently. And since this was the only drawback to the headset I had found and you can turn the acceleration back on as soon as you leave the game I could now unreservedly recommend the headset.

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