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The Macbook pro sure created ripples in the laptop world when it first hit the markets in January 2006. After a while, in January 2008 came apple’s next revolution-the Macbook air, which stood claim to the coveted title of “the lightest notebook”. But as we all know it lost quite a few essential features along with its weight. Now Mac enthusiasts have a new reason to celebrate, yes apple has launched its next masterpiece…. the new 13″ Macbook Pro Summer 2009, which boasts of some never before seen features on ANY Macbook!

The new 13 inch macbook pro summer 2009 is more of a refinement rather than a revolution which it rightly turned out to be with its previous models. While the new macbook still sticks to the traditional aluminum unibody casing (which surely is no bad thing), there’s more to this notebook than meets the eye. The new macbook pro is here with a whole lot of new and exciting features starting with its elaborate multitouch trackpad which actually behaves like a button while retaining the multitouch gestures as well. The keyboard has also undergone some major upgrades in design and function in that it makes typing a real pleasure and what’s more, it’s also illuminated which means that an ambient light sensor activates the illuminated keyboard in low light environments!.

13 Inch Macbook Pro Summer 2009 Notebook

However the most important upgrades that apple seems to have come up with are the inclusion of the Firewire 800 port which was so missed in its predecessors and the addition of an SD card reader which is a FIRST TIME in a Macbook and hence a reason to celebrate. Apple also mentioned that the new macbook pro features a new “breakthrough battery” that can go on for 7-8 hours on a single charge with a battery life of 5 years or roughly 1000 full recharge cycles. The only glitch with the new battery system though is that it is non removable. The new macbook pro is also a graphic enthusiast’s delight as it features integrated Nvidia 9400M which is definitely cutting edge in notebook graphics. The Nvidia 9400M promises to enhance gaming and video quality like never before. Even hardcore gamers ought to be satisfied as the Nvidia 9400 promises to run all the latest games if not at blistering frame rates and extreme resolutions, at least you get to play them- so that’s fair enough. The LED screen however is a boon. Not only does it make the notebook thinner but it also enhances battery life compared to the CFL’s. Now there is one problem, the glass covering the display panel attracts ambient light and causes difficulty in certain environments.

Apple’s warranty and support plans unfortunately still remain the same which means that we still have to go for the extended warranty which costs about 249$ for this model. but the best thing about the new macbook pro is that it wont burn a hole in your pocket and it still offers  much more features than a standard notebook in this range. there are still some things that we wished were present such as a blu-ray player, mobile broadband and an anti glare matte screen but still apple deserves  praise for filling in some of the more immediate needs and most of all cutting prices.

The 13 inch macbook pro aced all benchmark tests as expected.

Macbook Pro Notebook reviewThe Macbook Pro specs are as follows:

  1. CPU-2.26GHz GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  2. Audio- Stereo speakers, headphone/microphone jacks
  3. Operating system- 10.5.7 leopard
  4. Data -2 USB 2.0, Mini FireWire 800, SD card reader
  5. Video- Mini Display Port with Nvidia 9400M integrated graphics.
  6. Optical drive DVD burner
  7. Networking -Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

All in all, the new 13 inch macbook pro is a truly great notebook in its own respect.

It’s great for people who are new to the Mac as it is extremely user friendly (except the trackpad which will take some time to get used to but after that you are going to find it very hard to go back to your regular ones!) and quite cheap at $1,494 to $1,499 for the fabulous features that it promises, it will be the best chunk of aluminum you will buy for a very long time!

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