Obama: Latest Technology will give a Nuclear Weapon to IRAN within a Year or More

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Iran nuclear issue is on the peak during last some years as posing a threat to its neighbor, so to consolidate this raging, President Obama clears the air on an Israeli television by saying that, Iran would take a one year or so for developing a nuclear weapon. Henceforth, US will adopt all the necessary measures to avoid those happenings. In continuation to it, Obama also referred to keep diplomatic efforts on the table.

Contradicting to those accusations, Iran said, nuclear program does possess not any military aim.

A question over here arises that how soon will Iran be able to use a nuclear weapon? This query is pinching every official of America as well as Israel, that’s because, if the Iran is just a few steps behind the completion then it would also become a powerful one in the region just like others. The acclaiming period of one year is an argument of Israeli militarily officials who says, in actual, Iran maybe not be having more than 240 kg of medium-pure uranium, so from there, 365 days are more than enough to derive a bomb out of it.

Obama : Latest Technology will give a Nuclear Weapon to IRAN within a Year or More

On the negotiation grounds, Obama is betting heavily on sanctions and sabotage with a very small window for diplomatic measures. He had also cleared that, administration will not wait forever.

Lastly, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime minister of Israel says, “If we can resolve it diplomatically that is a more lasting solution,” which is very true in all the sense!

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