Obama to Meet CEOs for the Ongoing Cyber Security Issue

News — on March 13, 2013 at 4:22 am | Comment Now

Cyber security had worried a lot to Mr. President Barack Obama, and to sort this out he had called a meeting with top brass of various corporate giants on Wednesday. This gathering will focus on the hacking attacks from China which had led a tremendous loss of important information from their sophisticated account.

This meeting will be held inside the Situation Room of White House, and would derive inputs from both of the sides namely private and government. In this case, government will seek help of the enterprises to improve their falling cyber framework.

Barack Obama

This cyberspace offence is not only worrying Americans but also hampering the growing economic relations of US and China. To curb down the number of such crimes, Obama had also signed an executive order for directing federal authorities to intervene in this matter and take stern action for filling that cyberspace loopholes. This order had made the job easier for government officials to encourage private enterprises for setting up their own security systems.

Lastly, lawmakers at Capitol Hill are too on the discussion spree for enhancing relations between companies and government so that ideas can be exchanged from both sides which will prove beneficiary in this anti-offensive workout.

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