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Project Natal Xbox 360 – A 360* technical dynamic revolution

Who would have ever thought in the 18th century that just by seating at home, one can know anything happening in the world? But, internet made it possible. Who would have thought that children can play any of their favorite games at home? The Video games made it true. But, frankly, even in this dynamic and revolutionary world, who has ever dreamt even that your games and entertainment options can be served without the headache of remote control? None of us, right? But, Microsoft made the impossible, possible.

No control of remote? Still operate?

Yes, it’s a truth that now in your life there won’t be any dependency even of the remote controllers. The motion controller is inn now. It’s just a small black device which is having this magical capacity to handle your TV and computer entertainment just by your motions and actions. It’s so small that it can lie just beneath your TV set.

How come it’s possible, man?

Actually, there are group of sensors which will allow wide range of actions of yours and also the persons seating beside you, as it’s having multiple users allowance. There are some mind blowing techniques of camera, depth sensor, microphones and special software to build a three-dimensional map of body movement. Not only the body movement, can it also also respond to voice commands, directions, and a change in the player’s tone of voice.

What are the features, boss?

The stunning motion sensors’ Xbox is full of surprising features like auto sign-in for players to Xbox Live which will also cover the complex facial recognition, and sports extremely detailed body tracking which will make to follow the individual movements of separate limbs.

What is the covering area?

The sensors are just like a remote, so the distance which you were enjoying for the remote controller, can be enjoyed in the same motion controller. In fact, these are more sense oriented and precise, so even the smallest facial expression and the voice change can also be noted by the sensors giving you freedom from the remote controller and also from varying seats option.

Only the games control?

Obviously not, the most dynamic announcement made by Microsoft at the time of press conference is that the Xbox is not only the game control or visual controller, but also the operators can update their Facebook status directly from their Xbox 360 console, and listen to their selective music on the device via, which is a song recommendation service allowing the players to build their own favorite radio music station.

So, what’s next?

The moment Microsoft announced the details of this absolutely thunderous magical instrument, all the people and companies were just speechless. The major technology giants Sony and Nintendo held their press conferences the very following day, and it’s highly expected that they’ll launch their own motion-sensing control system for the PlayStation 3, as well as a new PSP handheld games console.

It’s amazing, can’t believe man!!

Absolutely, now with the invention of Xbox, you can imagine yourself painting the apartment by your hands, scoring a goal by kicking at a virtual football and also you can fire at the enemies by pulling the trigger (imaginary!!).

The most emphasized revolution would be that now, the technology will be identifying and making a direct contact with us, rather than the mechanical operators like remote control.

So, start kicking, jumping, scatting and everything at your home. And why not, the Microsoft has made a turnaround 360* and made the unbelievable, possible!! Just wait for the magic.

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