Review Of Iriver P7 8GB silver MP3 Player

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Rocking:Iriver P7 is the visual revolution of the world that has got various features that can rock your life!! The video player is portable and also it has got the finest features of music, video and also the text recorder.

Shocking:The P7 is a portable device but still it has got some of the problems in handling that makes the device inflexible. The function of touch screen is quite weird. The PC software is not of use and there is no use of it.

Innovation:The Flash memory card is one of the special features. 8 GB is the memory card capacity.

Our Verdict:The video player is one of the most valuable and device but the efficiency is too low and the sped is affected by it. Still, whatever features are appeared are the best comparing to the prices.

Review Of Iriver P7 8GB silver MP3 Player

Iriver MP3 Player Overview

The world has changed and so are the tendency and the business of the people. Previously, people were having time for all the social works and also for the people of the society but these days there are so many cases where the people are not even having time for their families or even for themselves. So, the sales promotion and the utility of the recreation articles are also changed. For example, the introduction of VCD was a time, when people were shocked and were watching the videos with the family by sitting at home. Then, the development of the CD players came into existence which were quite compact than the VCD players, then came the Internet option when the people were able to watch the movies and clips even by sitting at offices or anywhere in the world by connecting the Internet services. But, the latest development is for breaking the entire dependency and the newly introduced portable video players are the live examples of the latest inventions, which are able to connect you to the video without any of the dependency and also made it possible to entertain your self anywhere and everywhere!!

The Product

Iriver P7 is the portable video player with so many features in- built like the touch screen facility and also the video player with some astonishing quality. The device also has got the aluminium structure and has some of the prominent features like music, video, radio, and photo playback. The text reading is one of the prime features of the video device. There are also the latest devices like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The screen is 4.3 inch large and the video quality is quite clear and revealing.

The Design

P7 is aluminium body device and overall figures make the device seeming like a museum of melodious keys. The measurement of the device is very similar to the older version. Its 4.5 inches across, 3 inches tall, and a relatively svelte 0.5 inch thick. The size is good enough to fix in the pocket and also in the palm so even while you are out and you wish just to hang the device, you can just have it in the pocket and roam around.

The touch screen option is good but still it is too tin and seems like a crushed device and henceforth the touch screen beauty never complies and complements up to the mark. The buttons on the touch screen are too tiny and they are also not the softest as it should be. The power on/off button are not placed properly and all the powered buttons are placed on the top of the device which somewhere gives a feel of mess and the mix up of the functions. The regular options are just the same as the older version and the headphone jack and the memory card slot is at the same place as it was.

The Features

After seeing the regular highlights of the features let’s get into the details of the individual specialties. The FM radio is one of the features that improve the senses of the device. Once you get into the car, you need to have some device that connects you with the world and even though the music can be played with the regular device, the FM is the one thing that informs the world news along with some of the informative programmes. So, this could be one of the better changes made by the company to add the FM device with the P7.

The photo viewer is also added but it’s not that worth as the picture quality is not the best. Even if we see the audio quality it is not upto mark as the mechanic of the audio setting seems to have got disturbed in the product. The graphic quality is also very depressing, P7 has no screen for the songs on audio and it can be a good sign as it could have disturbed the job at large.


The Iriver P7 is one of the improved versions of the similar product the company has launched earlier. But, it never sounds like the best and the most effective device one can have. But, still it has got all the sufficient features that can satisfy the regular users. It can not be the best, but definitely it’s a good video player.

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