Samsung J800 Cell Phone – Built For Class!

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Samsung J800 Luxe ReviewThis tri-band GSM cell phone – Samsung J800 targets a large number of individuals who may not be able to afford some of the more expensive cell phones that are on the market today, yet it still offers a large number of popular features, with the added touch of style. It is often hard to find a great phone that is priced under $200, and this sleek designed cell has an RRP of only $199

The Samsung J800 has 3G capabilities, and many other improvements that have been made into its design that are of much better quality than the J750 model. The speed of the user interface is incredible, and it is featured with a large 2.2in LCD screen display. This particular cell phone choice may not be quite as snazzy and impressive in its appearance as the Motorola MOTORAZR2 V9 Rose Gold, or even the Prada (KF900), but even still, it is considered as an appealing choice that has beat a large number of other selections that far exceed the $200 price range.

The high level of quality that is used in the making of this phone is quite impressive. The shiny large chrome keys are unbelievable in the level of glossiness it carries, and the slider that is spring-operated are just a few of the features that make this choice in a handset such a well-liked selection over many others. Fingerprints are never a worry, as the pinstripe gray finish works great for easily being able to cover them up, just try to keep your fingers away from the faceplate that is made of glass.

The Samsung J800 may be a tad bit larger and heavier than other phones, with a weight of 100g, and measurements of 99x49x15.2mm, but it still delivers plenty of style and charm. Some owners of the J750 find the user interface to be somewhat slower than they prefer, which is certainly not the case with this model, as it offers quite a bit more speed.

For the person who always has to be texting, the keys of the Samsung J800 will feel as if they were made specifically for you, and this is true for people with larger hands as well. Just as with its counterparts, the J500 and the J750, the navigation on this model is very easy, as it is equipped with two buttons for selections and a pad that is five-way navigational. You will not find the cartoon’ish icons on this phone, as they have been replaced with slick looking silver icons instead. The occasional interference and hissing that might be heard when traveling to far distances is one drawback, but it in no way was enough to affect my opinion on this classy handset. The volume can be extremely loud, even for some individuals that may have hearing problems.

samsung_j800_cameraThe 1.3 mega-pixel of the J750 camera has been upgraded on this phone to 2.2 mega-pixels, although the quality seems to be about the same and still works great for pictures through caller ID and others. There is also not a flash to take those ‘late night’ pics. Videos can be recorded at a 176×144 resolution. You will also find the VGA camera that is front-mounted easy to use for any video calls you would like to make over 3G networks that are on a 2100MHz band.

samsung_j800_cameraThe Samsung J800 comes equipped with many of the preferred features such as voice recording, an organizer, currency converter, email client (POP3/IMAP4), A2DP Bluetooth function, an FM radio with RDS support, built-in Java applications, and a MicroSD card slot. You can bet you will be impressed, even without the option of a headphone jack.

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