Review Of Samsung Q2 16GB MP3 Player

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Rocking:Samsung is known for rocking all the time. This time they have crossed all the limits of rocking!! The cheapest player with priceless features is included in the Samsung Q2. The features are definitely rocking but the price is amazingly low according to the quality and utility.

Shocking:The plastic body is relatively cheap looking and also the volume control and touch-pad interface is not that ideal. Battery life is also not that satisfactory.

Innovative:Flash player and 16 GB digital player with MP3 and other salient features. The most innovative feature is the price!!

Our Verdict:Well, there are no where the doubt for making the choice or not!! The solid look, superb quality and splendid feature is the Specialty of Samsung which is reflected in the Q2.

Cost: $114.99

Review Of Samsung Q2 16GB MP3 Player

Samsung MP3 Player Overview

There are lots of MP3 players in the market and all the stuff are providing one and another verity. The biggest change the market has recently felt is the downfall of Flash Memory prices. Now, this could be the key factor in decreasing the prices of Music player as the Flash players are the major expense holders of the players. So, the rates must get slashed of the music players but still, Samsung Q2 became the first player provider, who shared the benefit of lowering prices with the people.

The Product

Just recently the prices of the 8GB and 16 GB versions were more than $175 of all the branded stuffs. But, reduction in the rates of Flash Players has made a drastic change and you can see it with the change of prices of Samsung Q2. Can you ever expect the 8GB and the 16 GB players in mere $99.99 and $129.99? Samsung will show you!!

Even though having the lower prices than the competitors, the quality and the sound effectiveness is never compromised and it is up to the mark, in fact better than others.

The Design

Samsung Q2 is a sleek model with the light weighted feature and the touch pad controls are the lightening and glowing features of the player. It’s a deliberately decorated piece and has a simple and sober out looked piece. But seeing the price, it’s the best output the Samsung has ever produced. The compact and classy design of the player is of 3.9 inches and the width of 1.9 inches and the diagonal measurement of 2.4 inches.

The Screen

The QVGA has a great outlook of 320×240-pixel resolution with the classy clear and sound colour combination. The navigation of icons is very simple and straight forward. The touch pad is not that appealing but still they are easy to manage. The volume control is the feature that might be the downside as there is no specific key for that, but it is manageable with the power key that is on the right side of the device.

The Connectivity

The device is able to connect the Mac and Windows both the devices. The transfer can also be done to the juke box or even it can be dragged to the transfer modes. The onboard navigational option is also available for the content. Even the Music system is also organised and the step-down structure is also effective.

Samsung Q2 also has the supporting files for the MPEG4 and WMV video and also with the JPEG photos. FM tuner is also making the part of the device and the RBDS capability is being developed. The in-built mic system is also available in the device. The playlist creation is also available in the Q2.


Samsung is the second name of solid performance and also it has got the better features than all the other rivals. The solidity and the durability are also nice. The sound quality also matters. The tuning of the songs is also possible in the player. So, overall, it can be said that “the cheapest rates and richest features” is the identity of Samsung Q2.

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