Review Of Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 (AT&T) Cell Phone

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Rocking: The Sony Ericsson C905 is the blessing technical giant with 8.1 megapixel camera and the mind blowing and unbelievable quality of 3G/HSDPA speeds. There are so many rocking and smashing quality of the device.

Shocking: Such a stunning sound clarity without a 3.5 millimetre handset jack is the shocking factor and also is a painful feature.

Innovative: Sony is always the unbeaten quality and also this cell is having the most smashing and splashing two digital cameras and digital sound system. The GPS receiver is also a fantastic feature.

Our Verdict: If you are crazy for the quality and high performance, you can never be wrong for the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905a.

Sony Ericsson Price: $179.99

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 (AT&T)

Know the Sony Ericsson Company

Sony is one of the most reputed and rocking name of quality. It’s one of the most fascinating and fabulous quality providers in the electronical and telecommunicating industries. Sony is a world wide leader of the quality products even in the cell phone industry. But, unfortunately Sony is not available in U.S. due to the higher prices and also because of some of the other technical problems. But, AT&T has grabbed the opportunity to launch the Sony products in U.S and collaboration of these two giants has emerged as blessing to the U.S people. They are now able to earn some of the prime products of the Sony with huge impact.

Sony is also one of the most innovative company and all the staff of the company is highly and technically strive to create something new all the time and to present the highest quality to the people for their usage. One of such greater invention is The Sony Ericsson Cyber shot C905.

Know the Product

Sony has the perfect pair with AT&T as they both are the prime requirement for the quality. Sony has so much excellence in the job as they are the masters in the field of sound quality and also they are the unbeaten in the Camera quality. The zoon effect and the highest resolution with the highest range of megapixels are the proud feature of Sony.

The Cyber Shot has one of the most effective and impressive 8.1-megapixel cameras which are probably the first time introduction with the Sony cells and is of the most fabulous class. The quality of the camera is so good that anyone can get confused that it’s a cell phone or the best quality camera?

8.1 megapixels could be the prime feature but is not the sole factor of the cell which should be highlighted. There are many more features that are making sense. The latest and advance design and the most innovative and exclusive feature of stereo Bluetooth can never be compared!! This is the most dynamic future as the stereo Bluetooth is the stuff which was the greater requirement from the people since long. A music player with some of the most melodious tones and the splendid sound quality of the device is the unique title of the cell. After seeing the sound effect, the never forgetting experience will stunned you as it’s a cell phone or the sound system?

Rocking Features

The distinct Design

The Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 is a bold model with some of the blasting colours and designs. It has a sharper and sleeker design with the most stylish and trendier tone. As said, the phone outerly seems to be the high quality camera but the layout is made in that direction. There is a sliding camera cover.

If we see the measurement of the phone, it is 4.1 inches long by 1.9 inches wide by 0.7 inch thick. The shape of the cell is very stylish as it is curved from top and bottom and also has some of the sharper corners which make senses which are covered with the matte silver chassis. Compare to other phones, you might feel that the cell is somewhat heavier. The weight of the phone is 4.8 ounces. The sliding style is sizzling.

Darling Display

The display of the cell is truly disciplined and distinct. It’s the 2.4-inch scratch-resistant display, which is the rocking feature of the phone. The display has a solid support of 262,000 colors, which is the most happening feature of the cell. These colors make senses when the camera is used or even when you are watching any of the video file.

Marvelous Menu

The Menu system is pretty clear and simple. It has all the simpler features like organizing the whole menu system in grid, rotating, or single icon view. There are also the options for adjusting and changing the clock on the home screen and the brightness.

On the very bottom of the cell, there are navigation array, which is having two keys, a Send and End/Power key, also beside that there are two keys of an Activity menu key, the Clear key. There is a square toggle in the very middle of the cell which works as the user-defined shortcut. Out of which, the middle key pressing can draw you towards the AT&T’s Media Net browser in standby mode. Another mode available in the cell is the camera mode. The moment you press the camera mode, the toggle converts in blue with the toggle light.

Classy Keyboard

There is a number keyboard on the phone, which can be revealed by sliding the phone up. Like other phones, there is no where the scarcity of room between the keys. There is an ample space in between the alphabetical keys. The dialing and texting mode is the most decent feature of the cell.

Shocking Feature

Over all, everything rocks in the cyber shot but we definitely miss the 3.5mm headset jack. The sound system is incomplete without the headphone and Sony has already introduced the W995 with the same headset jack. So, the accompanied and added material could have been the blessing feature with the cell, but otherwise, everything is just rocking.


Sony and AT&T’s joint venture have brought the biggest giants of the technology sector closer and has earned the greatest benefit to the world, especially to U.S. as now the people would be luckier to get the Sony products. So, going for Cyber Shot C905 is the selection of the prime property.

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