Review Of The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350

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Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350- Dandy Designing And More

Sum n substance:

Thumbs up: awesome design, unifying receiver, comfortable typing, highly economical, great battery life.

Thumbs down: Can’t think of anything except for the inconveniently placed media keys.

Inside the trunk:

  • Interface 2.4 GHz
  • Ergonomic Design Yes
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • Software Included Drivers & Utilities
  • OS Required Microsoft Windows 7 , Microsoft Windows Vista / XP
  • Cables Included 1 x USB extension cable

Logitech is  back with its unique wave design and Constant Curve layout. Its back again with its latest keyboard  which would help you to easily churn out those hundred word documents by the end of the long day. Anyways going forward to the review.

If your looking out for a little more comfort in your day-to-day typing then this one from Logitech should come in as an end to your search. Its got a solid and sturdy design along with cleverly designed key layout which places your wrists in comfortable angles to make your typing experience worthwhile. I wish Logitech had looked out for a more positive outlook but then considering the claims to what this one was actually made, it does live up to them.

Logitech has come up with three design techniques which it definitely kept in its mind throughout the making of this one. The first one is the so called ‘wave’ design which provides you with edgy angles when typing. The keys W,E and R are placed higher and the keys I,O and P are placed a bit more lower to accommodate easily the length of the digits while typing.

The second unique design technique they ve come up is the curve… and I must say that it adds a lot of weight in getting comfortable with the keyboard. Also the keys of the Logitech are pretty much the same size unlike the ones offered by Microsoft, making it easier for the typists to type on it.

And last but not the least, it’s got a brand new unifying receiver. Now what’s that?? Well, using this device you could easily connect upto 6 compatible mice to the keyboard using an USB plug. Every device comes up with its own unifying receiver so that you can easily leave them connected to different ports at home or at work. Well using the Logitech unifying receiver certainly means marrying into the Logitech family of peripherals. I seriously fell for this unifying receiver feature just because it frees up other USB ports being used by other devices.

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350

The Logitech keyboards have been powered with AA batteries which if we go by the claims of Logitech should last atleast for three years. The semicushioned wrist rest also adds to the comfort quotient of this keyboard.

If there is something I would like to change about this keyboard it is placing of the media control keys. Logitech has surely gone the old-school way by placing these controls on the top of the keyboard, but I would have preferred it on the side which would have definitely added to its already edgy design.

Nitty-Gritty: Out of the world design, comfortable typing, 3 year long battery life…all this for just 59$ what more can you ask for?? Though I am sure your fingers would love to have more of it once they get used to it. Logitech has nailed it with this one… all the effort has finally paid up with this masterpiece. Go ahead and give it a shot… I am sure your fingers will no longer complain.

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  • Besty says:

    Design looks very impressive right now i am using microsoft with wire. i am bit uncomfortable using Mircrosoft keyboard. how much distance it covers?

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