Review Of The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

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The sum ‘n’ substance:

Thumbs up: Very ergonomic features; blue-track technology helps it cover all kinds of surfaces; antenna is fitted into the framework.

Thumbs down: Poor battery life; the scroll lacks accuracy; highly priced.

Inside the trunk: Compatible with PC and MAC; maximum wireless range: 30 feet; optical movement detection technology; four- way scroller with programmable buttons; operates at 2.4 GHz; requires any Windows OS or Mac OS; 1 alkaline AA battery; priced at $ 38- $ 44.99.

The whiz-kid speaks: Microsoft has recently launched the latest mouse, the wireless  mobile mouse 4000 , which inherits most of the qualities of the Explorer Mini but for a much, much lesser price tag.

Razzle dazzle: The 4000 is a very neatly designed mouse, keeping in mind the users comfort. It comes in a very vivid teal colour. It is also available in a variety of other colours like lemon green, strawberry pink; deep grey and white. A black strip from the scroll highlights the Microsoft logo. The bottom half on the mouse has a web like texture which is black in colour, which is smart- looking and provides certain amount of grip.

Inside dope:
The stand out or rather, the most important feature of the 4000 is the inclusion of the Blu track sensor. This technology has given the 4000 the power to operate on any kind of surface where most mice would fail. It integrates the accuracy of laser tracking with the wide angle coverage of any ordinary optical mouse. Unlike the Explorer Mini who did not include the power off switch to save battery and the operability to use both hands (in the sense, right handed as well as left handed users) have been introduced in the 4000. The buttons of the 4000 are programmable to suit the user. They have also included a driver software to program the buttons but if you don’t carry the CD along when your outdoors, you can always you use the normal mouse settings in the computer. Such features make it very helpful when traveling.

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

The transreceiver is well placed in the body of the 4000 and when you plug in to any host computer a tiny switch pops out from its side. This is also the power on/ off switch and is also the cachement for the AA batteries. The plug ‘n’ play design is an added bonus. The 4000 should’ve had a rechargeable battery, but Microsoft has stated that the 4000 is perfectly capable of living for 10 months on a single battery charge. There is a tiny Led on the top surface that works like an alarm when the battery is low. The Intellipoint 7 software works as the 4000’s brain thus making it compatible with most of the operating systems on the market like Windows and the Apple MAC. One issue that Microsoft has to look into is the scroll wheel, which is extremely smooth making it inaccurate and gives a very sludgy, lethargic spin. The Mobile 4000 has good range too; it can perform normal duties from a distance of 30 feet. The overall performance of the 4000 was brilliant; it was however, a little shy when it was placed on a glass surface.

Nitty- gritty: Although the price tag may leave a buyer stunned, it has a good design and offers a lot of user comfort. It is aimed at people who are always on the move, and don’t want the trouble of carrying mouse pads.

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    • I recently purchased this mouse-
      the technical highlight of the 4000 is Microsoft’s proprietary BlueTrack technology, which combines the precision of laser tracking with the wide coverage of a standard optical mouse. The 4000 scrolls beautifully on virtually any surface, with the exception of clear glass and mirrored surfaces. This versatility should come as a relief for jet-setters who don’t want to lug a mouse pad around with their hardware.

    • techguru says:

      It’s a very good muse which is being launched by Microsoft becasue it has more powerful laser or optical mouse; with its BlueTrack technology it would be able to function on surfaces polished, rough and tough again, but not glass or mirror. If the weight is irrelevant-within reasonable dimensions, a mouse is pretty important. In this connection, the Wireless Mouse 4000 is not a model “dummy”: 10.2 cm long, 4 cm high and 6 inches wide. However, it is quite compact and robust, apparently to store without too much difficulty in a bag for laptop and plump enough to provide good grip. Little more for the USB micro-receiver, the manufacturer provides a location under the mouse to be stored when not in use. Then the user is free to leave this very discreet adapter into the USB port or not. Visit for more detail.

    • Gary Crowell says:

      Read the reviews on Amazon. There are -many- reports of the ‘nano’ USB dongle failing in a dead short. It seriously overheats, melts, and falls apart in your port. There is a serious possibility of damaging your laptop. Do not buy. If you have one, return it.

    • Angi says:

      I bought two because I love their quiet click and great size. Unfortunaately BOTH overheated :( and because one was over a month old I could not return it… Why hasn’t Microsoft recalled this???

    • Britt says:

      Wow! Very nice mouse!
      .-= Britt´s last blog ..Cool Mouse Pads updated Thu Jun 24 2010 4-20 pm CDT =-.

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