Samsung Memoir – New Meaning To Camera Phone

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There is a long list of well known choices in cell phone selections that individual cell phone users and businessmen all around the world continuously choose to purchase when they are looking to find a cell phone that can consistently deliver the utmost in quality. A large number of these individuals also expect to receive a high performance camera option that includes several optional functions.

The name ‘Memoir’ has very quickly become an increasingly popular choice that numerous users are making, in an amazing cell phone that has recently been released by Samsung. It is a unique camera phone that has proven to be a top of the line model that provides users with outstanding durability and the highest of quality performance in the camera functions that have been provided on the phone.

Sleek Design of the Samsung Memoir

This phone choice stands in the middle in providing amazing options of a phone as well as a high quality camera. The buttons of the zoom, the shutter, the flash, and the camera lens are all designed and placed in such a beneficial way that the worries of your fingers getting in the way of the pictures you take can be considered as a frustration of the past. Just like with regular camera functions, the interface of the touch screen works real well as a viewfinder. For a much better grip, the sleek look of faux leather has been placed along the right side of the camera area.


Features & Performance Second To None

One of the most amazing features of the Samsung Memoir is definitely the camera function, but there are also plenty other advanced features that users find hard to resist.

  • Phone Book Capabilities – Large enough to handle 2,000 entries that includes storage for phone numbers, website address, room to add four usernames for instant messaging, anniversaries & Birthdays, street address, and room for any notes you may wish to add. Callers can be saved in groups, attached to any one of the 23 ring tones that are provided, and even attached to the photo of your choice.
  • Essentials – Speakerphone, vibrate mode, multimedia & text messaging, calculator, calendar, task list, notepad, world clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and a unit and currency converter.
  • Audio & Media – PC syncing, voice command, instant messaging, email capabilities using Comcast, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and others. It also features Bluetooth stereo and the popular GPS support that so many users demand today. The Samsung Memoir also features a RSS reader that’s built-in, and it supports 3G networks from T-Mobile with connection speeds that were very fast, however, Wi-Fi is not included.

The performance of the Samsung Memoir is one that gives the user high quality calling power, without the worry of dropped calls. Both the sound in a callers voice is clear and crisp, and the sound quality of the audio features is simply amazing.

Landscape Virtual QWERTY Keyboard

For many users who simply cannot live without the ability to text, you will love the feature of the virtual keyboard in landscape mode. It has plenty of room to do your work in and one very unique feature on the keyboard is that it provides the convenience of having a .com key. This is a feature that can be very handy when you have a need for entering a URL.

Make The Samsung Memoir Decision

The brilliant bright colors make the picture quality almost seem equal to professional standards, the sound is of clear and crisp quality, the TouchWiz interface allows ease in navigation, and there are so many other qualities this phone delivers that simply cannot be found in many other choices.

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  • bansai says:

    wow… this is just a blatant infomercial.. this feels more like an ad than a review..

  • Ben says:

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been debating on getting this for my mom for either Mother’s Day or her birthday. Mother’s Day came and went and I ended up getting her a $250 set of silverware instead (she really liked them).

    Now you’ve convinced me that this is what I should get for her birthday. I was worried about the interface and how easy it would be for her to use but it seems like she shouldn’t have any problems.

  • Hey every single one particular i was a blackberry fan for years n when tmo was on account of relaese the memoir i jumped on it cuz i jus did an upgrade of my curve towards new model and was possessing all forms of concerns with all the 8900 we’ve to say i’ve been in luv with this phone actually considering that under no circumstances heading back to some blackberry we have mastered jus about all the essential and other common feature of this device and now i desire to understand about adding apps i jus downloaded tkfiler thingy and i wanna kno mre anyways thanxs for owning me

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