Samsung Q10 Camcorder – Small, Affordable and Virile

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Price :

$300, you can get it online for less than $230 online.

Pros :

The Samsung Q10 Camcorder is capable of delivering clean and crisp video, and it comes at an attractive budget.

Cons :

The Samsung Q10 Camcorder doesn’t have all that great Optical image stabilization, and you still will be left with shaky footage.

Who is it For :

The Samsung Q10 Camcorder is a perfect camcorder for the parents who want to record the activities of their kids using a camcorder, which is small enough to fit in a purse or in to a coat pocket? The Q10 will also appeal the video enthusiasts who don’t want to carry a lot of bulk with them, but wants video better than a smartphone camcorder.

Verdict :

The Samsung Q10 Camcorder offers a lot for $230, and considering the fact that it can easily fit into a coat pocket or a purse, we have to say that it records really great quality video.

A Detailed Look at Samsung Q10 Camcorder :

The digital camera and the camcorder market around the globe is in difficulty these days, and the simple reason for that being the fact that almost every smartphone comes with a respectable camera or camcorder, which can deliver respectable quality video recording. So, the question is why to carry an additional gadget when you can get a respectable camcorder on your phone itself? If you also are wondering on the same question then let us help you. If you are recording some special moments like the first steps of your baby, then you might not want to use the camcorder of your smartphone, and the simple reason for this is that it’s just not adequate. At the same time you don’t want to carry something that’s really heavy. This is where the need of a camcorder like the Samsung Q10 SwitchGrip Full HD Camcorder comes into play and this is the niche was it actually shines.

The Samsung Q10 Camcorder officially is called the Samsung Q10 SwitchGrip Full HD Camcorder, and just as you we too have a bone to pick with the name of the camcorder. The use of the term “full HD” is deceptive, the reason for this is the fact that it is not the complete resolution of the HDTV format, 1080p. The highest resolution of the Samsung Q10 is 1080i, which is sufficiently good and is about the same as the 720p, but still it’s not the fullest of the HD capability.

Now that we got that all clear lets move on to the second part of the name of the camera that says “SwitchGrip”. This clever feature surely will be a welcome sight for the videographers who are left-hander, or who sometimes wants to change their hands because they go on to awkward positions during recording. This function works using an incorporated sensor, just like the ones that is being used in the smartphones, which figures out in which way the Samsung Q10 Camcorder is being held and then orients the video and viewfinder accordingly. This is also smart enough to sense when the viewfinder has been turned on to face you when you are taking videos of yourself. We think it’s a good move.

Opening up the touchscreen of the camera turns on the camera automatically, and plays a satisfying small musical phrase to remind to open the lens cap of the camera. Even that’s not all that bad, and though we would like to see the lens cap opening automatically, but that easily could have been a cost thought for a camcorder in this price range.

Once the camera has started, you will see a user-friendly menu system of Samsung Q10 Camcorder, which Samsung calls Smart Touch 3.0. The menu system for the camcorder is spread all over the responsive touchscreen, and its worth mentioning that the capacitive touch on the camcorder is the best that we’ve seen in any of the camcorder.

The small overall body of the Samsung Q10 Camcorder is sufficient enough to compel people to carry the camera with them wherever they go. But like all the other small gadgets, this camera also suffers a bit, and the biggest problem this time is that at times it feels as if there isn’t sufficient grip to hold onto. Also the zoom control of the camera could take a tad long to get used to it, and that is because this time it’s not a lever, it’s a ring surrounding the record stop/start button.

The most delightful aspect of Samsung Q10 Camcorder is its outstanding video quality. In decent lightening conditions, the resolution of the camcorder was clear and sharp, and the colors displayed by the videos were pleasingly saturated. Even in comparatively low lightening conditions the camera delivered respectable performance. In general we will like to say that the camcorder successfully clears all our shooting tests and leaves the smartphone camcorder way behind in competition.

One small issue that we had with this camera was its Optical image stabilization. Though we don’t expect a professional-level SteadiCam in this price range, but the case with this camera was even worst, and it was really hard to find whether there was any image stabilization in the camera or not. So, with a camcorder of this size a tad bit of smoothing definitely would have been a nice issue.

But that’s really a minor flaw and we don’t think it in any case affects our ebullience for this small bundle of joy. We are more than happy to see that the camcorders of modern days have came this far in the past couple of years. The Samsung Q10 Camcorder priced at $300 is a fine example of what modern day camcorders are capable of and we will say that it is a superb bargain for anyone looking for a modern camcorder at affordable prices.

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