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When it comes to music players, iPods are the first thing that would jump to your mind. The Apple iPod has ruined other MP3 player’s market share and there are also music phones which serve as good substitutes to stand alone MP3 players. Sansa has been in the MP3 player market for a while and they have made some really good MP3 players in the past. The best thing about their products is that they are really inexpensive and hence give great value for money. I got the Sansa Fuzea+ in the labs for review and this device is available in 5 different color options. For memory, you can choose from 16 GB, 8 GB and 4 GB options. They are priced at $119, $89 and $79 respectively.

Sansa Fuze+ is a successor to the original Sansa Fuze which the manufacturer first came out in 2008. It was a good product and things have been made even better here. Fuze+ can handle photos, videos, music, and there is a good feature set including FM radio, podcast, video recording, etc. There is a external card slot for storing additional content. The display size has been increased from 3 to 5 inches.

Below the screen, you will find a capacitive touch controls which replaces the clickwheel. Sansa Fuze+ connects to the PC through a microUSB generic cord instead of the proprietary version on the predecessor. On the bottom, you have a headphone jack; which the company could have placed somewhere on the top because you will now have to put the music player upside down in the pants pocket. If you put it straight, it will be hard to handle the wire.

Sansa Fuze

On the Sansa Fuze+’s left, there is the volume rocker key and on the top, you will find the power button. Apart from a few cosmetic differences, the manufacturer has made a few changes in this version which is really liked. Fuze+ is amongst the first music player to offer support for unprotected AAC audio. This is a huge deal if you download plenty of songs from iTunes store.

Sansa Fuze+ supports WMA, FLAC, MP3, WAV, and OGG format files which means the player covers all the essentials. For videos, MPEG4, H.264 and WMV content is supported. There is a software bundled with the player to optimize the videos and photos for the screen. You can reshape any videos to fit on this screen.

Audio quality on the Sansa Fuze+ is really good considering the cost that it is offered for. However, you won’t find a lot of sound enhancing or EQ settings which is found on a lot of Sony or Samsung music players.

This player comes with ear buds, USB cord and a protective pouch. I would recommend this player to music enthusiasts on a small budget and for people who want a no frills device. All major file formats are supported so there is not much to complain here. The design will not turn any heads but it will still serve as an excellent companion while traveling.

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