Sony NSX-40GT1 – Google TV is here

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Sony NSX-40GT1 is the first TV of its kind; it is a television that builds in Google TV service right in to the panel so there is no need for an external set top box or anything like that to get the Google TV functionality. This is a standard edge lit TV and you won’t find a lot of bells and whistles here like 120 Hz processing. The main feature on this TV is Google TV which allows you to search internet video sources as well as your own TV sources from cable, set top or antenna from the same search window. You can just go in, search for a show title and you will results from the internet, from various TV services and also from your cable or satellite.

Sony NSX-40GT1 is a first of its kind to incorporate all of its sources in to one easy to search window. The remote of this TV is very unique; I have never seen such a clicker before. It is reminiscent of PS3’s controller and sports a full QWERTY keyboard for typing the search queries. On the top right, there is a touch sensitive mouse which allows you to drive your cursor for selecting items. There are also the standard up, down, left, right surrounding the mouse which allows you to select much more easily. The remote is slick but it is bulkier than others and you will need some time to get used to it. The clicker uses RF technology so you don’t need to be inline of sight while using it.

Sony NSX-40GT1 can also control others devices like cable box and a couple of other AV device via IR blasters which allows it to incorporate the search results from the TV itself including the EPG. However, you don’t get full integration till you hook this TV up to a dish DVR which allows you to search the DVR and also incorporate a couple of other control features including the control over IP.

Sony NSX-40GT1 belongs to the Sony NSX-GT1 series and it contains four different screen sizes of 40 inches, 32 inches, 24 inches, and 46 inches. I got the latter in my labs and all of them have the LED backlighting except for the 24 inch product which is based on CCFL technology. The price ranges from $599 for the 24 incher to $1,399 for the 46 incher. The price is quite good and is online with some of the other well featured HDTVs in the market today.

Sony will also announce Blu-ray player at $399 price point; it is the NSG-ZT1 and it has all the Google TV features. There is no screen but you do get built in Blu-ray for all the Google TV goodies including a remote. This is for people who already have a TV and want the Google TV experience. Sony NSX-40GT1 does have Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Twitter and a few other apps right out of the box. We are expecting more apps in the future.

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