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Canonical the makers of Ubuntu have announced that there would be a distinctive interface for a smartphone with its famous operating system. This system would use all the four corners of the screen for an involved experience and would give the mobile operators and the handset OEMs an ability to converge thin client, PC, and phone to a single user phone. This super phone was also showcased in the consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Thus, the open source computer system has become very popular in the enterprise arena and has given all customers a provision to secure a single device for all functions of phone, thin client, and PC. Ubuntu is the most operated Linux enterprise desktop and customers in a wide area of sectors like it for its cost, security, and manageability. Ubuntu would thus outperform in the areas of SMS, phone, email and the web due to its native core applications and the presentation, which is stylish.

Ubuntu agreed for an entry level basic smartphone and a high end super phone. This helped operators to use the data amongst all those who use only the messaging and phone and who might want the web and email on the phone. Ubuntu also is a very good attraction for the prosumers who want an experience with a richer, faster and a lower bill materials device.

Ubuntu Smartphones

Ubuntu has introduced new experiences in the handset interface like having an Edge Magic. This has gestures of the thumb from all the four corners f the screen and helps users to find content and change between applications. It is faster that other phones.

Then you have the deep content immersion which has its controls seen only when the user wishes to.

There is a nice search button, which helps you to search the entire globe for content, products, and applications.

A voice and text company helps for faster access to greater capabilities.

There is a personalized art on the welcome screen and it is both HTML5 applications and native and web.

Ubuntu is also giving many customization options for all the partner applications, services, and content. So all OEMs and operators can easily add their branded offerings. Ubuntu One is the personal cloud service of Canonical and it would give storage space as media services. This would help partners to combine their offering easily.

New Interface for Ubuntu

Canonical also gives the best services of engineering to offload the entire process of maintaining multiple code bases. This has actually been a major issue for all manufacturers of smartphone. This has also freed the manufacturer to be able to focus on design or hardware and integration. Ubuntu is thus very compatible with an Android Board support Package meaning that Ubuntu would be run on chip designs that are very cost effective.

Canonical has thus uniquely positioned with a single operating system for the cloud, server, and the client. It also has a unified family of interfaces for the TV, PC and the phone.

So with the Ubuntu technology a new era of convergence arrives in technology and with one operating system that would combine all, the entire experience is going to be easy and convenient. .

Presently Canonicals servicing major computer based companies and the majority of their computers are based on Ubuntu. More that 20 million desktop PCs have Ubuntu as their operating system and Canonical believes that around 10% of the desktops in the world and the laptops would come with Ubuntu in the year 2014. Ubuntu is very famous also as the number one server operating system and is also the main host operating system for Open Stack the open source IAAS.

So for all those who are in a mobile dominated world this is going to create waves. Ubuntu would thus give the users the ability to enjoy with their new operating system in a unified manner. It would also help tog give the interface, content, operating system and applications all of which are the main crux of creating something as compelling as a new experience.
Most of the modern phones today have many open source components. So it was only that we had to wait before someone actually found a solution like Ubuntu. So Ubuntu the true open source player now has the opportunity to come out in the markets as a great source player and to be very significant.

Ubuntu had made many statements about its mobile in 2012 but by the end of 2012, there is something concrete happening.

Releasing Ubuntu as a complete operating system would make the cell phone a PC in many situations. Releasing this as a complete replacement for Nexus 7 was another challenge but is still in an early stage.

So as tablets grow in the year 2013, there would higher resolution screens and quad core processors and here is where Ubuntu gadgets would really come like a doctored piece.

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