The recommendations for desktops in 2013

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The latest in news is that tablets would be sold more than desktops in the year 2013. This is thanks to the devices of Windows 8. 2013 would be the year for tablets and it would actually also outsell the desktop PCs. In fact, touch is going to hit he personal computers in a big way and it would change the way the user interfaces are designed. Touch would alter the way we use the desktops and this would herald a very different era in computers. This is the way the mouse hit the computer market early in the 1960s.

Microsoft has already opened its own branded tablet of Windows 8 and this features a keyboard that is also the cover for the model. This is going to come in two kinds of flavors. One is the Windows 8 Pro which is based on x86 and the other is the ARM based Windows RT.

In the year 2013, Microsoft would have its own tablet plans and there would be many Windows 8 tablets, which would have a similar launch. Hardware partners are scheduled to sell Windows 8 tablets during the launch and after it. Apple is also said to start its own iPad Mini. This is a seven inch model. It would also launch the iPad 4 in the initial half of 2013. Google is also bringing out its own Android tablet with the introduction of the Asus Nexus 7. The Kindle fire is the second generation kind of model, which is ready to make a new appearance next month. This would cause an increase in the sales of tablet in the year 2013.

The recommendations for desktops in 2013

There have ben lot of complaints from Windows 8 users as regards the navigation ion a desktop by using the standard keyboard and mouse. He allowed the colleagues to show many shortcuts to help to navigate the Metro Start Menu. Users thus can switch between the traditional x86 software and the Metro style.

One does not have to choose between the applications and the thin and small tablet that you normally depend on. Thus, you really do not have to choose between the device you are allowed to use at work and the device you want to buy.

The Windows to Go allows all the employees to be able to run a lock down installation of the windows 8 on a Windows 7 Pc. This is usually done by plugging in a USB drive thus giving the companies a chance to give the employees easy access to the applications in the corporate sector. This is usually done with taking any risks for security for running it on their own hardware.

There are many desktops in the market and it is only for the user to know which the best model to buy is. There is battery powered all in one desktop from lenovo to Sony since the beginning of the Windows 8. Asus has a different kind of approach to combining wireless mobility and desktop computing power.

With the two CPUs and the two operating systems, the Asus Transformer AIO is one of the most unique computers that are ever seen. The Transformer is a Core i5 or Core i7 powered Windows 8. it has an 18.4 inch IPS touch screen. Thus, the pleasures of holding an Android Jelly bean based tablet and it has a Tegra 3 chip inside.

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