We test Evo 4G, Droid and some other big phones for hotspot speed

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When it comes to high end smartphones, wireless tethering is really important and hence we took six biggest smartphones to test them for speed. Our test models had two phones each from Motorola, Samsung and HTC. We are based in New York and hence conducted this test from this city. It wasn’t surprising to see that the speed on Droid was nowhere close to HTC EVO 4G. The latter was the fastest with 5.09 mbps download speed and had a page load time of 3.65 seconds when tested with 4G connectivity.


When tested on 3G, the HTC Droid won. The manufacturer recently upgraded this phone and maybe the speed is fast because of the improved hardware. For Websites, the average load time is 4.425 which is quite fast on the Droid 2. Samsung Epic 4G was slower than this on 4G network. Also interesting is the fact that ESPN Website loaded faster than other ones.

All these handsets are a bit costly and they are targeted at people who need a lot of features for both messaging and multimedia. We won’t recommend this phone for people who haven’t used a phone before at all or first time smartphone buyers. Also noteworthy is that these phones would have done better if iPhone 4 was not launched at the same time in the market.

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