What to Look for in a Modern Alarm System

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With more and more people looking to protect their homes it is a good time to consider the technological advances which we have seen in the burglar alarm and CCTV systems industry in the last few years.

If your only experience of an alarm system is from a while ago then you might be surprised to see what has changed in the meantime. However, these changes aren’t just limited to the systems being smaller and looking smarter.

Modern Alarm System

No Wires

Perhaps the biggest advance in recent times is that which comes with the modern wireless alarm system. There are a number of advantages which this offers over the more old fashioned style of alarm. For a start it offers a lot more flexibility. Apart from this it also means that it is a lot easier to install. If you have started upgrading the likes of your home theatre and music systems to wireless versions then it definitely makes sense to have an intruder alarm which is wire free as well.


Another important point for a lot of people is whether or not the system can be expanded in the future. For example, what would happen if you moved to a bigger property at some point? In this case a wireless system is again going to be your best choice. These alarms can easily be moved about out and expanded when you want to do so. The likes of the ADT site will show you how to go about it and which system to go for.

Remote Checking

When you are away from home, you can now do a lot more to control your home than ever before. The idea of the smart home has come a long way lately and a smart burglar alarm is a big part of that. With remote access you can control everything you want no matter where you are.

Fewer False Alarms

One of the most annoying aspects of older burglar alarms is the fact that they were often triggered by accident, causing a large number of false alarms. This problem has been dealt with in a number of ways by current alarm manufacturers. For example, some of them use video verification or enhanced call verification to ensure that there really is an intruder in the building. The end result is that the homeowner is on the receiving end of less annoying or frightening false alarms than before.

The Price

Of course, no matter how clever the technology is, we still want to pay a reasonable for it. In the case of alarm systems there is now an excellent market place with very reasonable prices. This is partly because of the level of competition around also because a lot of the technology has now been around long enough for it to become easily available.

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